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Sarabjeet move First Look

Aishwarya Rai was seen crying at the sets of Sarabjeet

Aishwarya is currently working on the film Sarabjeet. The movie Sarabjit is a biopic based on the real life story of Sarabjit singh who was convicted of spying in Pakistan and jailed. he died in the in recent years. Omung Kumar is holding the gun here and giving a tribute to him by making a film on his life so that his life message can be reached to every Indian, and we all can feel the pain which was suffered by one and only one Sarabjit

Here is the Source Video

Aishwarya is very sensitive and she is playing the role as Sister of Sarabjit, and she can’t stop herself from crying as she feels the pain which sarabjit had felt, which her sister Dalbir Kaur. When she read a short dialogue script itmakes her unresistive and she can’t stopped herself from breaking…

The movie is expected to release on 19th may, In the Film Aishwarya And Randeep are n the lead roles, Richa chadda is also playng a important part in the movie.

we will come shortly with a detailed post on the Movie Sarabjeet.

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